Living like a Planner, Writing like a Pantser

I was recently urged by my friends to take the the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, otherwise known as a really long and extensive personality test. I have been told that I needed to take it for a while, so one night when my friends and I were watching a movie, I decided to try my luck. I scored a ENFJ—or Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. Does this tell you a little bit more about me?giphy-17

Apparently, my test results did not surprise any of my friends. I am a talkative person who enjoys spending time with others, after I get all my work done in advance, of course. I enjoy making plans and following them to the letter. But how does this affect the way I write?

It’s practically impossible for me to write off of an outline. I just can’t do it. While I’m a planner in every other field, I’m a pantser when it comes to putting words down on paper (or, a word document). I find a lot of what I write is incredibly fickle. I get drawn in by a certain phrase or story idea, and it echoes around in my brain until I sit down and write out my thoughts. More times than not, I write from scene to scene, and never in chronological order. I often form entire stories around one or two action points, or maybe even from staring at a certain picture for hours on end.

I think the main reason this happens is because of my poetry-centric mind. I like to write in short bursts, but make large impacts based off those tidbits of writing. My writing is temperamental, the complete opposite of my mind. It can prove to be frustrating, even at the best of times.giphy-16

What kind of writer are you? Are you a planner, or a pantser? Do you prefer writing extensive outlines and going off that, or do you go with the flow of words like me?


6 thoughts on “Living like a Planner, Writing like a Pantser

    • How interesting! I have a friend just like that. He’ll write one or two sentences and have to leave the document alone for about an hour before he can write again. Your writing process is so neat! Thank you for sharing!

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  1. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs several times, and all the letters can change for me, except I. I’m a strong introvert. Mostly I’m INFP, but I can also be INFJ and ISTP. I write like a pantser but that makes it hard for me to finish things.

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    • I feel the same. I have about four or five unfinished short stories in my documents folder, plus I’m hesitant to reedit through my novels. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I’m an INTJ, very rare for a woman, I’ve read. I’m definitely a plotter. I plot all my main points and know how the story will end. But, I write my 1st draft very fast—throwing up on the page and trusting in the edit stage to fill in the blanks. My characters constantly surprise me, which I love!

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