12 Tropes I’m Thankful For

As you finish eating your turkey and before you break out that pie,  let’s reminisce on some things to be thankful for at the “literature” table. It’s easy to identify your favorite tropes or elements in a story, as they can make or break your reading experience. Here are some aspects of fiction that I am thankful for (featuring only Doctor Who gifs!). 

  1. Plot twists giphy
  2. An evil government that must be overthrowngiphy-1
  3. Enemies-to-friends-to-loversgiphy-2
  4. A character deathgiphy-7
  5. Magicgiphy-6
  6. The character who is just there for comic reliefgiphy-5
  7. The character who you thought was just there for comic relief but actually turns out to be so much moregiphy-3
  8. The villain with heart
  9. Secret identitiesgiphy-9
  10. Witty bantergiphy-11
  11. Family dramagiphy-4
  12. Subplots that tie togethergiphy-12

What are you thankful for in the books you read?


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