Treat Yo Self: Knowing When Is Too Much

There is a kind of peace in busyness. It’s the feeling I crave most. I love it when my schedule is full. When I can use my time to please other people and make their lives easier, I find joy. If that means filling my own schedule and cutting out time for myself, then so be it. I find that I work best under pressure, as I can make quick decisions and be helpful in creative ways.

However, being busy is a blessing and a curse. Last Friday, I hit “The Wall,” both figuratively and literally. (Well, I actually ran into a door, but it’s almost the same thing.)

I got back an assignment from a professor I thought I did well on, but I was severely under par. I skipped my two soccer games simply because I didn’t have time to play along with all the other things I had to do. I wrote three articles for my school newspaper, wrote a blog post, and organized a few NaNoWriMo meetups on my college campus. At one point, I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do when because I was being pulled in too many directions at once.

My best friend continuously tells me it’s unhealthy how much I want to serve people simply because how easily I throw my own safety and health under the bus while I’m doing so. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it unless it becomes too extreme, like it did last week.

9138221531_8e2a5b5f82_bSo I’m writing this as a simple reminder to myself and to you who are reading this. Know your limits. We all want to be famous and get that extra bang for our buck when we forge a
reliable name for ourselves. But this all comes with a price. Just like we can’t possibly succeed without failures, we can’t possibly work ourselves to the bone without a break once and awhile.

We need rest, especially in this perpetually busy world. We crave appreciation for what we do, but we need to take care of ourselves first or else we can’t possibly take care of anyone else in a loving way.

Start with something small. For me, that small thing includes allowing myself to sleep in on a Sunday morning. It’s a tiny luxury that can have a large impact on the rest of my day and week. It rejuvenates and lets me carry on refreshed and ready to go for the rest of the week.

What is something small you can do in order to treat yourself?


3 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self: Knowing When Is Too Much

  1. I love being busy too! There is nothing better for an adrenaline junkie (like me) to race the clock to finish a million tasks. I’m very bad at treating myself, but tonight I am going to the Fantastic Beasts movie with an old friend. Thanks for writing!

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  2. I reach a point where I’m pulled in so many directions that it all cancels out and I can do nothing because I can’t find that one thing to focus on exclusively for a few minutes.

    My workaround is to devote an hour or sometimes a day to deal with a bunch of urgent things that bug me and distract me but aren’t important. “Dealing with” can mean deciding to ditch the task or event permanently Clearing that clutter out of my life is like getting high enough up a hill that I can see the landscape around me. I can schedule, pick a direction, reprioritize, etc. and actually get a few things done until the urgent things crest and overwhelm me again.


    • That is a great solution! I feel like that happens a lot in my life, too. Time management is one of the best and hardest things to do, but everything seems worth it when you accomplish all you needed to get done. Thanks for the comment!


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