Getting the Bookish Munchies


Susan Crandall, myself, and my classmate Sarah Gorman

I recently attended a NaNoWriMo sponsored writing workshop at a local Indianapolis library that was given by award winning YA author Susan Crandall. Along with a lot of the interesting information she gave about her writing process and name-to-fame, she made a point in saying that she ate a lot while she wrote. Just like how you can get stuck on listening to one soundtrack over and over while writing a novel, she gets hooked on one singular snack while writing, and it becomes “her go-to” in order to finish banging out the manuscript.


I personally don’t like to eat while I write. I simply can’t handle it. I have a knack for spilling things on myself, especially coffee, and that risk is too big to take when I’m near a computer. However, here are a few favorites of mine to eat while I’m reading.

  1. Popcorn
  2. A spoonful of Nutella
  3. Bite-sized fruit, such as blueberries or blackberries
  4. Crackers

Munching on some kind of snack is therapeutic for me, because it lets my naturally multitasking brain to relax and focus on the page in front of me. However, sometimes if I eat the wrong thing, I’ll get broken out of my trance and have to deal with the mess that I have just created. For example, here are some horrible messes that have happened to me recently.

  1. Sandwich with too much ketchup. I opened the ketchup packet, and it spurted all over the pages of my book. (And it was a textbook!)
  2. Coffee. Like I said earlier, I always spill coffee. I don’t know how it happens, but I am known for being the girl with a mug of joe and a ring around all of her papers to prove it.
  3. Apples. I know I said fruit earlier, but I hate eating apples while I read simply because it takes too much effort. The juice ends up all over my hands, I have to keep moving it around and taking my eyes away from the page in order to find a place to bite next…
  4. Anything that has multiple pieces. Because it will fall apart and I will find the pieces on myself later.

If you like to eat things while reading, and you can do it well, good for you! You’ve achieved more than me, and probably have more coordination. What kind of things do you like to munch on while you’re reading?



3 thoughts on “Getting the Bookish Munchies

  1. This is such a cute article. Love it! I don’t normally eat when I’m reading because too focused on the book. However, I’m usually holding a cup of coffee or tea. I just like the warmth and something to sip on:)


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