Post Conference Blues

Let me tell you a tale.

Last year, I was editing my friend Sarah’s manuscript for a book proposal project we had to complete. I was the head editor, but others in our group were able to give their two cents on the story as well. One classmate in our group didn’t agree with a large portion of the edits I had made, and argued with me consistently in the margins.

On one particular page, we got into it with each other. He and I argued for a good hour and a half, all within the online margins of Sarah’s manuscript. There was easily twenty plus comments she would have to search through. We kept asking for Sarah’s opinion, but she was never online the same times that we were. Eventually, she logged on and saw the mess we had created in her manuscript, and replied with three simple words:

“I’m so tired.”

Though it was humorous at the time, I carry this sentiment today. After coming from a three day writers conference, I feel utterly drained. From the stress of having experts nit-pick at my work and networking with other writers, I found myself just wanting to put on some sweatpants and mindlessly binge watch The Office.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I missed two days of my college classes, which is horrendous in itself. However, I also want to follow up on the connections that I made at the conference. I think it’s important for me to keep in contact with whoever I met while they can still remember my face.

(Which, is apparently a famous face, because I got told multiple times that I looked like a younger, ginger version of Minnie Driver.)

Nothing can beat being surrounded by strangers who are just as passionate about words as I am. I put on my extroverted pants and made connections, promoting myself and others. I even formed a small critique group with a few women I met. I learned a lot from the poet Wanda Burnside. And I now have blogs I want to keep up and follow.

It looks like there will be no resting for me in my future. I see it as a blessing, as I want to move forward in my career as a writer, as well as my life. Even though I might be tired, I don’t want to miss a single opportunity for perfecting my craft.
(Did I mention I saw Lake Michigan? It was vast, beautiful, and cold. Splashing around in that was the best way to end a weekend.)


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